Professional PPC Training Expert

Professional PPC Training Expert

Professional PPC Training Expert

Course Curriculum

Module 1 (6 hours)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Online Paid Advertising – Google AdWords and Bing/Yahoo Advertising
Lesson 2: Comprehensive Keyword Research using Keyword Planner Tool – target keyword analysis, keywords grouping
Lesson 3: Importance of Broad Match, Modified Broad Match, Exact Match, Phrase Match, Negative Match
Lesson 4: keywords and how they work

Module 2 (12 hours)

Lesson 1: Google Search Network – getting started with Google PPC, account structure overview
Lesson 2: Managing Multiple Client Accounts – My Client Center (MCC) hierarchy, MCC Account setup
Lesson 3: Campaign Setup for Google Search Network
Lesson 4: AdWords Ad Formats & Best Practices – text ads, mobile ads
Lesson 5: Writing Compelling Ad Copies – Do’s and Don’ts
Lesson 6: Customer Targeting – AdWords targeting & best practices
Lesson 7: AdWords Bidding Setup & Budget Optimization
Lesson 8: Ad Extensions – Sitelinks, Location, Call, App, Callout & Review extensions
Lesson 9: AdWords Policies & Quality Issues
Lesson 10: AdWords Performance Monitoring and Fine Tuning – conversion code integration, advance campaign analysis and best practices
Lesson 11: Website & Landing page Optimization
Lesson 12: Advance Campaign Optimization Tips & Best Practices

Module 3 (3 hours)

Lesson 1: Display Advertising Overview
Lesson 2: Display campaign setup
Lesson 3: Image ads – creation of banners using Display Builders
Lesson 4: Introduction to Display Planner tool
Lesson 5: Managed placements
Lesson 6: Remarketing concepts

Module 4 (3 hours)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Traffic Analysis Tools – analytics code integration, goal setup and traffic stats analysis
Lesson 2: AdWords Reports – generating various reports for clients and to analyze campaign performance
Lesson 3: Overview of Application Program Interface (API)
Lesson 4: Overview of AdWords Tools and Usage – Ad Diagnosis tool, Change History tool, Conversion code integration
Lesson 5: Campaign Management through AdWords Editor
Lesson 6: AdWords Billing & Payments

Practical Classes (15 hours)

Class 1 (3 hours): – Hands-on experience on using Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool, Mock-up test
Class 2 (3 hours): Hands-on experience on campaign setup, Mock-up test
Class 3 (3 hours): Using Google AdWords Editor, Navigating through Google Analytics and understanding traffic behavior, Mock-up test
Class 4 (3 hours): Mockup for the Google AdWords Fundamental Exam
Class 5 (3 hours): Mockup for the Google AdWords Advance Exam
Lesson 6: Local pages and directory links

What Will I Learn?

The basic concepts of Trello and Kanban
Setting up specific Trello boards for managing personal tasks, team projects and business operations
Setting up automation between Trello and other platforms and services
Applying the different parts of the “Getting Things Done” framework to your Trello boards
Setting up weekly and monthly based frameworks
Extending Trello’s functions by using add-ons
Targeted Audience
Project managers
Managers and team leads
Business owners
Individuals who want to be more
Materials Included
30 hours on-demand video
15 hours on-demand video
Certificate of Completion
Internet connection
Trello Account
Know About the Google

Course Certification

We offer a comprehensive certificate of the Course to every individual at the end of the Course.
A golden Certificate is also available, which would be given to the person who secures the most marks on the test conducted at the end and on the basis of his determination during the Course.

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