Certified Social Media Marketing Course

Become a Certified Social Media Marketer

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Social Media Marketing

Lesson 1: Overview of social media marketing
Lesson 2: Importance of social media in business
Lesson 3: Understanding target audience and market segmentation

Creating a Social Media Strategy

Lesson 1: Defining objectives and setting goals
Lesson 2: SWOT analysis of social media presence
Lesson 3: Choosing appropriate platforms

Content Creation and Management

Lesson 1: Types of content and their impact
Lesson 2: Creating a content calendar
Lesson 3: Content optimization for different platforms

Measuring and Improving Social Media Performance

Lesson 1: Key metrics to track
Lesson 2: Analyzing and interpreting data
Lesson 3: Improving social media performance
Lesson 4: Analyzing social media performance and presenting improvement strategies

Practical Labs

Lesson 1: Creating and managing social media profiles
Lesson 2: Creating and publishing content

What Will I Learn?

Become a highly engaging trainer for corporate training
Become an effective learning designer for the 21st century classroom


Learners should be comfortable using a web browser.

Shoaib Ahmad
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