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Certified SEO Audit Expert

21 Lessons
22 hours

Xio offers certified seo audit expert training for advance professionals. …

What you'll learn
Understanding of the importance of SEO in digital marketing.
Techniques for conducting comprehensive website audits to identify SEO issues.
Best on-page optimization practices include keyword research, content optimization, and meta-tag creation.
Techniques for improving website structure and navigation, including website architecture and URL structure.
Strategies for optimizing website content for users and search engines, including keyword placement and content optimization.
Knowledge of technical SEO, including understanding robots.txt files, sitemaps, and website speed optimization.
Strategies for link building, including internal and external link optimization.
Techniques for tracking and analyzing website performance, including the use of Google Analytics.
Understanding current SEO best practices, including mobile and voice search optimization.
Understanding of the impact of local search, social media, and other factors on SEO.

Full Stack Digital Marketing Specialist

22 Lessons
144 hours
All Levels

One of the best ways to become a full-stack digital …

What you'll learn
We make you Full Stack Digital Marketers.
You will learn to provide solutions in the eMarketing
You will be able to get lots of opportunities on Fiverr, Upwork etc

Certified Digital Advertising Specialist

12 Lessons
22 hours

Digital Advertising Specialist Course enables to perform google digital brand …

What you'll learn
From one-off customer satisfaction surveys to brand tracking surveys that are administering on a continuous basis, they provide the information that marketers need to understand how their products, services and brands are seen by consumers.
In Analytic Methods for Survey Data, statistical learners will become familiar with established methods for converting survey responses to insights that can support marketing decisions.
Techniques discussed include factor analytics, cluster analysis, discriminant analysis and multi-dimensional scaling.

Advanced SEO Course Online | Rank #1 in Google

25 Lessons
22 hours

Xio offers Advance SEO Course for google search engine optimisaiton. …


Certified SEO Expert

47 Lessons
22 hours
All Levels

Xio IT Trainings offers google best SEO course online & …

What you'll learn
Introduction to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
What is SERP?
Introduction to Search Algorithms
Crawler Search
Indexing Techniques
Vertical Search
Meta Search
Directory Search
Mastering Google Ranking Algorithm
Importance of Keywords
Keyword Analysis Tools
Keyword Types – Primary/Secondary/Local/Longtail Keywords
What is Stuffing, Segregation & Placement
Google Keyword Planner Tool

Certified SEO Link Building Expert

43 Lessons
22 hours
All Levels

Xio offers best link building course with advance seo link …

What you'll learn
The reason why we should build links
Backlink profile assessment
Improving backlink profile
Setting the right campaign objectives
Proving the value of link building
Types of content that ensure better backlinks
Auditing the website for content weightage for posting
Identifying the gaps in website data
Finding the best prospects for link-building campaigns
Managing the contacts and preparing complete lists for outreach
Planning a solid outreach strategy
Outreach principals to enhance our brand’s position with content partners
Tracking and measuring to show the impact of our backlinking work
Continuously focusing on improving our link building approach
Free and paid tools we can use to track and measure the success of our campaigns
Leveraging our brand awareness to earn backlinks
Setting alerts that help us to get backlinks continuously
Strategy to reach out to the most relevant websites
Contextual links and their importance for best SEO performance
Finding the best prospects to achieve contextual links
Engaging content contributors for publications
Achieving the best guest posting opportunities
An easy way to successfully upcycle the contents
Building new links through directory submissions
Introduction to listicles – a great opportunity

SEO Content Writing Expert | Become a Certified Content Writer

22 hours
All Levels

SEO Content Writing Expert is our best digital skills course …

What you'll learn
For very short time you will get a smart job
Every company needs content writing

Professional PPC Training Expert

33 Lessons
45 hours

Pay Per Click – PPC Course Are you looking for …

What you'll learn
The basic concepts of Trello and Kanban
Setting up specific Trello boards for managing personal tasks, team projects and business operations
Setting up automation between Trello and other platforms and services
Applying the different parts of the "Getting Things Done" framework to your Trello boards
Setting up weekly and monthly based frameworks
Extending Trello's functions by using add-ons